Get Corking: 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Dorm or Apartment With Cork

Back to school is fast approaching for college students around the nation. While hitting the books might not be on your list of top things to do, dorm or apartment decorating is often a favorite of those heading back to school. A new school year means a new chance at fresh decorating ideas that reflect your personality. If cork is on your list of redecorating must-haves, then these 5 ways to amp up your dorm or apartment with cork are for you!

1. Fabric Cork Bulletin BoardFabric-Covered-DIY-Bulletin-Board-Complete

Cover your walls with a fabric cork bulletin board. Nothing says “welcome to my room” like a cork bulletin board covered in your favorite fabric! Fabulous and functional, your fabric covered cork board becomes a great place to post photos, reminders, and anything else you can think of. Make your own today

2. Cork Calendarcork-board-calendar

Use free wall space to your advantage with a cork calendar. A great way to stay organized, you’ll never forget when that grueling term paper is due or when the championship football game is taking place. 

3. Interactive Cork Travel Mapcork-board-map

Document all of your travels with this interactive cork travel map. You and your friends can place pins on the places you’ve pin, creating an awesome ice breaker for making new friends. 

4. Wine Cork Necklace Organizerwine-cork-jewelry-organizer

Need a creative way to store your jewelry that doesn’t require a lot of space? Then check out this wine cork necklace organizer. With a bit of glue, ribbon, glass eye hooks, and wine corks, you can easily keep your jewelry in a tangle-free way. 

5. Painted Cork Circle Memo Boardspainted-cork-circles

Not a lot of wall space to work with? No problem! Paint your own cork circle memo boards for above your desk. A perfect place to store your notes and reminders, these circle cork boards are efficient and stylish without taking up a lot of room. Use our 3-color bulletin board design or create your own! 

Decorate Your Dorm or Apartment With Cork

Hopefully these 5 ideas have sparked your creativity for dorm room and apartment decoration. While back to school means the end of long summer nights, it also means the beginning of new friends and experiences. Start off on a high note with these creative cork ideas.

Images by Plaid Online, Trish Sutton, Creating Really Awesome Free Things, and Her Campus.

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