7 Home & Design Renovation Ideas Using Cork

Refresh your home this spring with these cork design ideas

Cork crafts are fun and trendy, but there is much more you can do with cork for home and design renovations. Cork is an extremely versatile and functional material with many safety, health, and design benefits. Due to its cellular structure, cork traps air, making it a lightweight, low-density material. This also makes cork a natural low conductor of heat and noise/vibrations, making it a low-cost insulator and noise reducer.

All of these qualities make it ideal to include cork design ideal for home applications. And since cork is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, you can feel good about using it in any of these projects.


1. Make Those Walls Tacky

Perfect for a home office or play area, a cork wall is a great way to creatively organize and express yourself.

Use cork rolls or cork sheets to transform an empty wall into a home office organizer or calendar. If you’re into something a little more creative, color cork rolls can be cut to length to create whatever design you can imagine.

Plus, installing a cork wall is easy and inexpensive. The bubble structure of cork absorbs sound and acts as a natural insulator.

Whether it’s pretty or practical, a cork wall can create a warm and welcoming environment for visitors while clearing up the clutter, and is a great way to change the look and feel of a room. 

real-vs-synthetic-cork2. Mulch! Wait, Mulch?

Do you have leftover cork stoppers? Wine cork crafts are popular, but if you’re not feeling crafty and looking for something more practical, cork mulch is a great way to use wine corks.

Cork is an impermeable material that doesn’t allow liquid to pass through., By chopping up stoppers and spreading them over plants, you can prevent water from evaporating on hot sunny days.

Since cork is a type of bark, it is not damaging to your plants or the environment. However, before you dump your wine stopper collection in the blender and let it rip, you should know that not all cork stoppers are made of natural cork. Many winemakers use synthetic cork to bottle their product. This type of synthetic cork is not eco-friendly, and not what you should be spreading over your plants.

It is usually possible to tell organic cork apart from synthetic cork based on look and feel. Organic cork has a rough grain to it and is distinguishable by its porous or honeycomb quality. Synthetic cork, on the other hand, is typically solid and has a more glossy plastic feel and look to it.

While cork does not contain toxins, it is still not a good idea to ingest, and can be a choking hazard for animals, as well as children. You can avoid this risk by finely cutting up your cork mulch, and by placing it out of reach in raised planters.

Check out Craftingagreenworld.com for a step-by-step guide on how you can create your wine cork mulch.



3. Pesky Wobbly Chairs

Nothing is more annoying than sitting in a chair or placing something on a table with an uneven leg. A book or a folded up piece of paper can be a temporary fix, but fails whenever you need to move your furniture around.

A quick and easy solution to this common household problem is to glue a trimmed piece of cork to the bottom of the uneven leg, preventing it from rocking.

This same idea is also useful for preventing furniture from scratching hardwood floors by acting as a less expensive alternative to a furniture gripper.

cork-knob4. Cork Knobs

Here’s another subtle cork design idea using cork stoppers.

Perfect for any bar or rustic kitchen, cork makes excellent drawer and cabinet knobs. This creative style is sure to draw the attention of your guests, making it a great conversation piece.

cork-backsplash5. Wino’s Backsplash

Love your new cork knobs, but feel that they’re a little out of place in your kitchen? A creative cork backsplash may be the perfect corkversion to complement your cork theme.

A cork backsplash is a creative way to spruce up your kitchen’s style on a budget. All you need is hot glue and a lot of cork stoppers. Great for any wino, this cork backsplash is easy to install.

Check out Jaderbomb.com for a step-by-step guide on how to create your own wine cork backsplash.

Bird Coasters6. For The Kitchen

Keep your table and countertops safe with cork coasters, trivets, and placemats. Always made with natural cork, these surface protectors are waterproof and highly heat resistant to protect against both water rings and hot dishes.

cork underlayment7. Floor Underlayments

If you’re a sockless sleeper, you’ve probably experienced the piercing chill of cold hardwood floors in the morning. This is an easy enough thing to avoid, of course, if you have enough foresight to invest in a comfy pair of slippers or to lay down a rug to protect your bare feet. But what you might not have considered is that insulating your flooring can help optimize your home’s energy efficiency as well as providing a variety of other advantages.

Cork rolls make an excellent choice for floor underlayments and are environmentally friendly when using all natural cork. Underlayments come in a variety of materials, but none are quite as versatile and efficient as cork. 

Cork has many characteristics that make it perfect as a floor underlayment. The cell structure of cork traps air, making it a natural thermal and acoustic insulator. This allows for better temperature control and reduces the noise transmission in any room. Cork is also water-resistant and Antimicrobial, inhibiting mold and mildew growth. It is an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive allergies because of its resistance to both dust and toxins.

If you suffer from joint pain and want to add padding to your floors, cork might be the way to go. Cork’s natural spongey texture causes it to bounce back, easing the impact of your steps and reducing knee, back, and joint pain.

Be sure to check compatibility with your floor manufacturer before installing a cork underlayment in your home.

These ideas are just a starting point for you to breath some life into your home this spring, but hopefully we’ve inspired you to get a little corky with your renovations. We’d love to hear any of the ways you use cork in your home design in the comments below.