5 Back to School Ideas to Bring Your Classroom Design to Life

Cork bulletin boards and whiteboards have a variety of functions in the classroom. Discover a few ways to use them to bring your “back to school” theme to life!

With the new school year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the ways to improve classroom design, functionality, and learning experience while adding style. Framed boards such as bulletin boards, chalkboards, and whiteboards are a fun and creative way to bring that added flair to your classroom. Here are some of our favorite back to school classroom design ideas!

‘Welcome Back’ Bulletin Board

back to school classroom welcome back bulletin board

With the summer months winding down, it will soon be time to bring in the new school year. Create a space in your classroom to welcome your students back in style! Use a bulletin board, construction paper, and your imagination to ease students back into class with a display full of lingering summer vibes.

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Student Challenge Whiteboard

back to school classroom challenge whiteboard

Pulling the best efforts out of your students can be difficult at times. Looking for a way to mentally engage them and improve their educational growth? Turn a whiteboard into a weekly challenge discussion board! Use it to pose questions from your lesson plan for your students to respond to.


Classroom Organization Chalkboards

Back to school classroom lesson plan chalkboard

Are you looking for creative ways to keep your lesson plan organized in a way that students can easily see? A chalkboard lesson plan is a perfect way to display all of your important classroom information. Use it to write out your daily schedule, or post important notes your students will need for an upcoming exam! Take your chalkboard to the next level and convert it into a more interactive board like the one seen here.


P.S. Learn more about proper maintenance and daily care of chalkboards here.

Interactive Whiteboards

back to school classroom interactive whiteboard

Student inspiration and engagement are critical components of the learning experience. Do you need help finding creative ways to get your students to participate? Use a whiteboard to pose questions for your students to interact with, or jot down some of your favorite quotes to help motivate your students to strive for success!


Summer Travels Bulletin Board

back to school classroom summer travels bulletin board

The summer months are full of travel and adventure. Break the ice this back to school season and share the places that you and your students have been to this summer. Makeover a bulletin board and use maps and string to point out and describe where you and your students journeyed during your summer travel explorations!


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images courtesy of Idea Stand, We Are Teachers, and Math in the Middle.