Back to School: Cork Up Your Classroom

School is in session! Head back to school in cork board style. Cork board is an efficient and creative way to use your wall space in the classroom. Use these 5 cork board classroom ideas to greet your students and prepare them for a great school year!

Untitled design (31)1. Who’s Here Today

Start off right with a fun way to check in for the day. Using cork board, each student can place their name in the “Our Class” section by tacking it to the board. Easily rotate daily specials by pinning the current special to the board. This fabric covered corkboard is easy to create with just some burlap fabric and borders!

Untitled design (27)2. How’s the Weather

Teaching the days of the week and the types of weather? Corkboard makes it easy to update the weather for the week. Laminate each weather type (sunny, partly sunny, partly cloudy, etc) and place a magnet on the back. With tacks holding the weather calendar to the cork board, your weather will easily stick to the board!

Untitled design (29)3. What are the Classroom Jobs

With so many willing happy helpers in your classroom, it may become difficult to decide who will help with what each day. Keep it fair and organized by displaying classroom jobs on a cork board! This specific design was made using yarn, clothes pins with tacks glued to the back to attach to the corkboard, name cards for each student, and small clear folders with each job description.

Untitled design (28)4. Where in the World Have You Been

Studying geography? Make your classroom map more interactive using cork board! By covering cork board with a map and border, you can invite students to place pins on the locations they’ve been to or visited and speak about their cultures, religions, and geographic differences.

Untitled design (30)5. Push Pin Poetry

Take your Language Arts and Reading Classes to the next level with Push Pin Poetry! Cover your corkboard with paper or fabric, tack paper cups to the boards, fill them with words, and allow your students to pick and choose words for their own poems.

Create the Cork Board Classroom Every Teacher Envies

These 5 ideas are just starting points for your classroom this year. Hopefully we’ve inspired you to “get corking” and implement unique lessons using cork board.

Images by The Tattooed Teacher, Imperfect Home Making, Lessons with Laughter, Door Decs Tumblr, and Resident Life Crafts Tumblr.

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