Bangor Cork Rolls Out New Colored Cork Rolls

Bangor Cork, a supplier of cork rolls and sheets, has recently announced new colored cork available in a range of Forbo colors.

colored cork roll

2214 Blue Berry

Ideal for use as bulletin boards, cork wall coverings, workstations, kitchen backsplashes and more, these cork rolls have a resilient, tackable surface material for tackboard, sign and wall applications. Colored cork rolls are also durable and will stand up against repeated use year after year.

Every application requires different quantities of cork. Thanks to Bangor Cork’s unique in-house cork cutting capabilities, the cork supplier is capable of providing customers with a variety of thickness options, cut to the exact length required.

cork colorsFor bigger projects, Bangor Cork offers larger cuts of cork at a great price. These premium bulletin board facing materials are perfect for original equipment manufacturers, looking to incorporate a unique flair of color in their products. Larger cuts are also perfect for personal use and recommended for anyone looking for a functional wall covering or a decorative finish for furniture, doors, community boards, framed boards and walls.  

The easy-to-use online color pallet makes it easy for customers to shop for cork and find the right color for any application. Alternatively, customers have the option to request a sample online.

To find out more about Bangor Cork’s selection of colored and natural tan cork rolls and sheets, visit the company’s website at