When Cork and Art Collide: Cork Table Art & Coasters

Artistic coasters made from corkBangor Cork helped The WaveLand Gallery select colored cork to perfectly complement photography

Bill Abramson takes pictures. He is president and artist at The WaveLand Gallery located in Asheville, NC and Orlando, FL. Beyond taking pictures, Bill looks closely at his photographic art and carefully considers the best media to produce it on.

Recently The WaveLand Gallery found a local enterprise, Asheville Color & Imaging, with the capability to produce photographs on aluminum using a process called dye sublimation. The result really helped colors and features of Bill’s photos to come to life.

To take this to the next step, Asheville Color & Imaging started to produce the art on 4×4 sheets of aluminum. The WaveLand Gallery searched the Internet to find a solution to mount the aluminum to in order to create table art and coasters. They tried using ceramic tiles but were underwhelmed with the result.

Aluminum plated art mounted on colored cork After searching the Internet for another possible solution, Bill came across the variety of colored cork available from Bangor Cork. After trying out the free samples, and learning more about the color cork options, he found a solution that exceeded his expectations. Bill worked closely with Bangor Cork to select the right colored cork to complement the art and the nature of the photograph.

The WaveLand Gallery mounted the metal photographs onto the cork to create stunning table art and coasters. They can be used indoors or out since both the aluminum and the cork are resilient, waterproof materials.

The coasters are a tremendous seller for The WaveLand gallery and a great tool to help them promote their business.

“I can sell the coasters, but more so, it is a lovely way to introduce people to my business. Having the coasters as table art serves as a great reminder of The Waveland Gallery,” said Bill Abramson. “I was really very appreciative of what Dan at Bangor Cork did for me.”

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