12 Days of Corkmas: Cork Bells

On the 8th day of Corkmas my true love gave to me, 8 bells a ringing, 7 candy canes, 6 ornaments, 5 angels with wings, four cork snowmen, three cork reindeer, two cork wreaths, and a wine cork Christmas tree.

This year at Bangor Cork, we are ringing in the season in a corky way! On the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will be posting cork craft ideas for you to share with your family this holiday season. Make sure to check back each day for your new craft in the #12DaysofCorkmas


Create Your DIY Cork Bells

  1. Print out your bell template.
  2. Cut our your bell template with scissors.
  3. Place cut-out template on one piece of cork sheet.
  4. Use light pencil marks to trace your template onto the cork sheet.
  5. Use scissors to cut out your bell.
  6. Apply tacky glue to the bottom half of the bell, as well as the top bump of the bell.
  7. Place a piece of paper under your tree and sprinkle with glitter to cover all areas with glue.
  8. Let the bell dry.
  9. Pick up the bell and shake it over the paper to remove excess glitter. Dispose of the remaining glitter.
  10. Write or stamp your name/initials/or holiday word to the middle of the bell to add a personal touch.
  11. Use tacky glue to glue a miniature jingle bell to the bottom of the bell (optional)

Your DIY Cork Bells

You’ve now created your very own cork bell for the holidays! Check back every day to see the next cork crafts all a part of #12DaysofCorkmas. 

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