12 Days of Corkmas: Cork Carolers

On the 12th day of Corkmas my true love gave to me, 12 carolers singing, 10 snowflakes falling, 9 hiding elves, 8 bells a ringing, 7 candy canes, 6 ornaments, 5 angels with wings, four cork snowmen, three cork reindeer, two cork wreaths, and a wine cork Christmas tree.


  • Wine corks
  • Small wooden balls
  • Flannel
  • Felt
  • Ribbon to tie the hats and to use as hangers
  • Paper
  • White paint & brush
  • Fine tip Sharpie
  • Pink crayon
  • Thread (& a sewing machine) to sew the hats together
  • Wood glue

Create Your DIY Wine Cork Caroler

  1. Paint the wine corks.
  2. Let them dry.
  3. Dry the faces onto the wooden balls using a sharpie for the eyes and mouth, and a pink crayon for the cheeks.
  4. Cut out flannel for your hats.
  5. Sew your hats, first, flip the bottom of the hat under and sew about an eight of an inch hem in a zigzag stitch – that will make a nice clean edge around the “forehead”.
  6. Then, with the wrong edge of the hem out, fold the flannel in half lengthwise and sew a straight stitch down (a little less than a 1/4 inch in) to form a tube.
  7. Glue the hat onto the head, making sure the seam is towards the back.
  8. Cut your ribbon into strips and tie a ribbon onto the middle of each hat to help your hat flop over.
  9. Cut scarves out (approx. 6 inches long and almost 1/2 an inch wide).
  10. Attach the scarf to the body using glue.
  11. Then, to make the sheet music, use a piece of 2-inch paper and fold in half.
  12. Draw music symbols on the paper.
  13. Cut out mittens.
  14. Glue the music onto the cork body, and then glue the mittens on top of them (to look like they are holding the music).
  15. If you’d like to make them into an ornament, glue some yarn onto their hat to hang them by.


Your DIY Wine Cork Carolers

You’ve now created your very own wine cork carolers for the holidays! It may have been intricate, but this craft is sure to be a hit every year! Thanks for following the #12DaysofCorkmas! We hope you enjoyed all of the holiday craft ideas as much as we have!

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Pictures courtesy of Code Name Mama.