12 Days of Corkmas: Cork Christmas Tree

On the 1st day of Corkmas my true love gave to me, a cork Christmas tree.

This year at Bangor Cork, we are ringing in the season in a corky way! On the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will be posting cork craft ideas for you to share with your family this holiday season. Make sure to check back each day for your new craft in the #12DaysofCorkmas!


Create Your DIY Cork Tree

  1. Print out your tree template.
  2. Cut out your tree template with scissors.
  3. Place cut-out template on one piece of cork sheet.
  4. Use light pencil marks to trace your template onto the cork sheet.
  5. Draw a tree star on a different part of the cork sheet.
  6. Use scissors to cut out your tree into one whole piece and the tree star separately.
  7. Use acrylic paint to paint your entire tree green (excluding the stem) and allow time to dry.
  8. Draw curved lines between each branch tier, also placing a curved line between the bottom tier and the trunk of the tree.
  9. Use scissors to cut along the curved lines, breaking your tree into six pieces.
  10. Use acrylic paint to paint the bottom of each tree tier white with snow and allow time to dry. Apply generously for a 3D effect.
  11. Put tacky glue on top of the white acrylic paint on your tree tiers and tree star.
  12. Place a piece of paper underneath your tree and tree star and sprinkle glitter (color of your choice) on all areas covered in glue.
  13. Pick up tree and tree star and shake onto paper to remove excess glitter. Use paper to dispose of remaining glitter.
  14. Use a needle and colored thread to poke through the back side of the cork and sew the tree pieces together.
  15. Use tacky glue to place your star at the top of the tree.


Your DIY Cork Tree

You’ve now created your very own cork Christmas tree for the holidays! Check back every day for the next two weeks to see the next cork crafts all a part of #12DaysofCorkmas. 

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