Cork Craft Animals: Fun Activities for Kids

10 DIY Cork Crafts for Kids

Looking for a rainy day craft for the kids? With your left over wine corks and a few other supplies, you’re on your way to creating cork animals for the whole family. Here are ten simple yet adorable DIY cork craft animals for the kids.

Cork Owls Cork Animals1. Cork Owls

It doesn’t get much cuter than this pair of cork owls! With wine cork, buttons, and felt, you will quickly have a cute creation that’s fun and easy to make.

Cork Mouse Cork Animals2. Cork Mouse

Small but mighty, this tiny mouse is a kid-friendly favorite! With wine corks, hot glue, paper or fabric, little sticks or strong tooth picks, you can create this mouse with your kids.


Cork Butterfly Cork Animals3. Cork Butterflies

Your heart should be all a’flutter for these funny cork butterflies. This design only requires four materials to construct: Googly eyes, black sharpie, foam, and wine corks.

Cork Snake Cork Animals4. Cork Snake

Have an adventurous child? Try this cork snake craft on for size! Simply collect your corks and run yarn or string through to create a snake! Add wooden beads in between the cork for an added element. Decorate with a tongue, eyes and even paint!

Cork Bunny Cork Animals 5. Cork Bunny

This cork bunny has us hopping for joy! With beads for eyes and a plastic tail, ears, and hands, your leftover wine cork can quickly transform into a cute bunny! 

Cork Pug Cork Animals6. Cork Pug

Nothing can make your day like a pouting pug! With a little bit of paint, you can transform your wine cork into a loveable pug. Add a hook and string to the top to create a holiday ornament! 

Cork Pig Cork Animals7. Cork Pig

Create a pink pig with your wine corks! With just a little bit of paint, some googly eyes, and a wire tail, you’ll have an adorable craft pig. 

Cork Frog Cork Animals8. Cork Frog

This green creature is cute and easy to make! Attach a styrofoam ball to the top of the wine cork for the head. Add paint and wire arms and your creation is complete! 

Cork Horse Cork Animals9. Cork Horse

Create a majestic cork horse! With a few pieces of cork, pins/beads for eyes, yarn for hair, and bandana fabric for added flair, you can make this all on your own. 

Cork Cat Cork Animals10. Cork Cat

There isn’t anything cuter than a cork cat! Dress your cat up with wine corks, felt, feathers, googly eyes, and wire.


Cork Crafts for the Kid at Heart

Interested in creating your own wine cork creations? Make one of these 10 DIY Wine Cork Crafts for any age!

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