2017 Dorm Room DIY Cork Ideas

Heading back to your college dorm room soon or leaving home for the first time? Either way, using cork is a cheap, fun, and easy way to spruce up your dorm room. Here are some of our favorite DIY dorm room cork ideas.

  1. Cork Board Calendar

College schedules can get hectic, and you don’t want to miss out on any new opportunities just because you forgot what time to arrive. Stay organized by hanging your cork board calendar right next to your desk!

Are you crafty? Follow these instructions for a DIY cork board.









2. Memory Board 

Missing your friends and family from home, or just want to hang up some pictures of your favorite places? A dorm room cork board is the perfect place to display all of your memories. You can even make it more stylish by placing a window frame around it. Be sure to check with your dorm RA to make sure hanging a board is OK. Or, simply set it on a desktop and lean the top of the memory board against the wall. 









3. Decorate Your Own Coasters

Keeping your dorm room tidy and clean is the best way to limit distractions and procrastination. Leaving coffee and water marks all over your desk is a great way to ruin the work you have to turn in to your professors.

Buy your cork coasters here and get creative with them!







4. Decorations

The best thing about cork is the ability to get as creative as you want. Wine bottle corks can serve as wall decorations ranging from dart boards to painted decorations. It’s up to you!

Click here to see some more seasonal cork craft ideas.









5. Hidden Storage

Dorm rooms can get tight when you are living in such close quarters, so maximizing the space you have is key to staying organized. Create hidden storage in your cabinets to hang jewelry or to-do notes that you want to keep out of sight. We recommend using cork tiles with removable adhesive tabs.

How will you use cork to decorate or organize your dorm? Let us know in the comments. Also, as you start to decorate, learn how to properly cut your cork to prevent it from falling apart in our blog here.