The Elegant Needle Benefits from Bangor Cork

Bangor Cork helps Baton Rouge based needlepoint shop, The Elegant Needle, cover their new shop in cork.

The Application

The Elegant Needle is a family owned needlepoint shop that has been in business since 1994 where owner Catherine Hedges worked for over a decade until becoming the store’s new owner in 2014. The Elegant Needle is a one-stop-shop that caters to stitchers of every level and is filled with a team of ladies who love to share their passion for needlepoint with every customer.

The Elegant Needle covers their walls with over a thousand canvases and products to put on display for customers to see. They hang them up with tacks into sheetrock that started to take a toll on everyone’s fingers. Catherine knew they needed a new alternative from tacks in sheetrock for hanging up their product when moving to her new store location.

Why Bangor Cork?

“We heard about bulletin boards but we never thought you could cover an entire room in cork,” explains Elegant Needle owner Catherine. “In the old store we used tacks in the sheetrock to hang up each piece and product individually and it was tough on our fingertips.” So she started her research on finding a bulletin board to cover up the walls of her new shop and that’s when the relationship with Bangor Cork began.

“Bangor Cork was it, our only choice, I clicked on the website and everything from that point on was easy and great,” explains Catherine’s husband Kevin. “The customer service was awesome, they helped us every step of the way, including tons of phone calls and sending many samples our way.”

Catherine and her husband were impressed with Bangor Cork’s expertise in helping them choose the right cork size and thickness for their store with the many samples they sent for them to try out as well as their thorough instructions on how to install the cork inside Elegant Needle when delivered to them. 

Elegant Needle is such a staple in the community that when moving into the new store, 22 of her customers came over to help Catherine and her husband install the cork and move store locations. “Everyone was so impressed with the cork and just loved it after it was installed,” says Catherine. “You can’t really see the cork anymore with all the canvas and products hung up now, but everyone knows the importance of it.”

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