Four Ways Custom Cork Products can Enhance your Projects

At Bangor Cork, we are always seeking to break the mold when it comes to cork creations. With the addition of our latest tool, the CNC Router, we can now create custom cork tile shapes as well as use multiple layers of cork to create depth and shadowing.

What is a CNC Router?

A CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router, similar to a typical hand-held router, is used to cut through materials, such as cork, to create custom shapes and designs by digitally created paths to enhance precision and repeatability. Our CNC Router is capable of cutting large-format panels up to 48″ x 96″ using hexagon, diamond, triangle, square, and round tile shapes.

Four Ways Our CNC Router Can Make Your Custom Cork Products Pop

Using Vector Files for Custom Shaping

The machine capabilities of a CNC Router allow us to create even more custom projects tailored to customer’s specific needs. By using a vector file, the machine can cut virtually any shape, with the only limitations being the tools available and the size of the cutting board.

It is important to note that we are unable to reproduce any logo, trademark or image which is protected unless permission is expressly granted by the owner of said logo, trademark or image.

Creating Watermarked Panels

By using a flat-tipped bit, the CNC Router removes only the outermost pigment layer of the colored cork Forbo® Bulletin Board. The tan cork grain that is exposed produces a difference in appearance, generating distinct yet understated designs and leaving the panel’s tackability unaffected. When considering this option for your project, we recommend using darker colors as it is generally more noticeable.

custom cut cork watermarked panel

Watermarked panel

Signs and Silhouettes with Relief Carved Panels

Additional cork material can be removed using a variety of tools to enhance the visibility of the outer layer, having it stand out from the background. If a customer desires extra depth, two cork sheets of different color can be laminated, exposing the second layer to achieve the needed effect. This process helps to add extra detail to your signs and silhouettes to help make it more visually appealing.

engraved custom cork panel

Engraved panel

Paint-filled custom cork panel

Paint-filled panel

Clear Cut Inlaid Paneling

Inlaid paneling allows for raised lettering and logos within a customer’s idea. Featuring two or more colors, inlaid paneling can combine different cork types as well as materials such as wood or linoleum to create differences in thickness. The CNC Router assists in making these differences as precise as possible, making custom projects and designs even more unique than before.

color inlaid custom cork panel

Color inlaid panel

cork inlaid custom cork panel

Cork inlaid panel

How to Display your Custom Cork Products

Mounting can be done by direct application by gluing, mounting with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) or Velcro® tape. Pre-framed boards can also be provided in our solid wood or aluminum moldings if personal framing is not available.

Ready to talk about your next project using our new CNC Router? Fill out our request a quote form or view our pre-cut cork tiles available for purchase now.