Integrated Design Studio, Inc. provides client with Cork Map to Easily Track Distribution Routes

Integrated Design Studio, Inc. uses cork in custom installations

Integrated Design Studio, Inc. is a full service design-build facility that provides project management for design, fabrication, and installation for corporate offices from start to finish. All of their signage, displays and wayfinding are completely custom and seeks to bring both functionality and design to the spaces they decorate.

The Application

Bangor Cork provided the materials necessary for Integrated Design Studio, Inc. to create this custom map of the world using cork

Integrated Design Studio, Inc. relies heavily on dependable vendors that can provide them with premium quality materials. When choosing what suppliers to work with, Integrated Design Studio, Inc. looks for companies that know their business well and provide consistently great service. Integrated Design Studio, Inc. was recently enlisted to install an interior map of the world made of cork for a global produce company. The map was intended to be decorative, but ended up being logistically useful when they found they could use tacks to track distribution.

Why Bangor Cork?

At the time, Integrated Design Studio, Inc. was working with another cork supplier but decided to look deeper for other sources when they discovered Bangor Cork. From the onset, the partnership between Bangor Cork and Integrated Design Studio, Inc. was a success. “Bangor Cork has a great product, they do what they do very well,” explains Integrated Design Studio, Inc. owner Marc Ozer. “I know I can bring their products into my business because I know they will work for what I need.” They found that from first glance, Bangor Cork’s website was easy to use and intuitive, a huge bonus when it comes to who Integrated Design Studio, Inc. chooses to work with.

Another custom installation from Integrated Design Studio, Inc. that proved functional for an unnamed data center, this mural of cork hexagons improved the acoustics of the space it was installed in.

Marc also appreciated the expertise and reliability of the Bangor Cork team. “They all know what they’re doing, everyone at Bangor Cork adds a level of comfort because they want to push the level of what they do. They’re excited about helping you realize your vision.”

When it comes to custom design work, Marc says that cork is the perfect material because it’s so versatile and easy to customize while adding dimension to a space. “When designing a custom solution, you take what you’ve done in the past and build on it, constantly improving upon previous efforts. Most of the time, you’re doing things you’ve never done before,” explains Marc, “Bangor Cork helps us do things right the first time.”

Let us know how you use Bangor Cork’s products, we would love to hear from you!