Bangor Cork introduces new custom combination corkboards to online customers

Nazareth, Pa – Bangor Cork, supplier of cork rolls and sheets and manufacturer of bulletin boards and whiteboards, has recently introduced custom combination boards, commonly constructed of bulletin boards, whiteboards, framed cork boards, and chalkboards, to their online customer base. The cork supplier recently added information about custom combination boards to their ecommerce site, introducing online shoppers to a new custom product.


“We have always offered custom cork products to our customers, but we felt it was important our online community was aware of some of our specific custom capabilities,” said Pete Raines, president of Bangor Cork. “Our combination boards are very popular among customers who call us with certain specifications, but our online customers tend not to know about custom board options because they aren’t offered directly for purchase through our online store.”

Custom combination boards are available for purchase from Bangor Cork via phone orders. Manufactured to meet individual customer specifications, custom combination boards are constructed of various materials, including bulletin boards, chalkboards, and dry erase boards. A variation in materials allows customers for a multi-functional product made specifically to their application. Customers also choose their desired framing, in wood and aluminum options.

Bulletin board materials that can be used in in the production of combination boards include a large selection of tan and colored cork, fabric, and vinyl. Cork and fabrics used in the custom boards are available in more than 40 colors.

To learn more about Bangor Cork’s combination boards and bulletin board cork, visit or call Bangor Cork at (610) 759-0320.

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