Bangor Cork expands product selection, introduces Forbo Coral® floor mats to product line

Nazareth, Pa – Bangor Cork, a bulletin board manufacturer and supplier of cork rolls and sheets, has announced today the addition of Forbo Coral® Brush Activ and Coral® Duo floor mats to the company’s product line. The company currently offers the smaller sized segment of the Forbo Coral® product line, suitable for home or light commercial applications such as educational facilities and universities, available in dimensions small enough to not require professional installation.

floor-mat-2“This smaller line of mats provide our home and small business clients with the option for a high quality, yet economical product that doesn’t call for an extra expense in hiring a flooring contractor,” said Pete Raines, President of Bangor Cork. Bangor Cork will carry the entrance mats in four roll-out sizing selections spanning from three to ten feet, with applications suitable in a range of small settings such as recreational mudrooms or small store or building entranceways. The mats will be available through Bangor Cork in eight color variations.

The Forbo Coral® Brush Activ and Coral® Duo entrance mats are designed to contain moisture and dirt in high traffic walking areas and serve as a permanent, economical alternative to rental mats. The floor mats are comprised of polyamide yarns, designed to prevent slips and falls while retaining debris and moisture tightly in the coral-like material until cleaning. In addition to retaining and absorption benefits, the mats are LEED-certified, offering low emitting materials, indoor chemical and pollutant source control, and providing waste management.

The Forbo Coral® Brush Activ and Coral® Duo mats’ unique yarn construction is responsible for the entrance system’s benefits. The mats are comprised of capillary yarns to provide moisture absorption with their large surface area, active scraping yarns to aid in brushing soils and debris from shoes and wheels, and heavy duty textured yarns to provide resilience and aesthetic qualities. The yarns are combined and placed on a vinyl or latex backing.

Forbo Coral® Brush Activ and Duo entrance mats are now available through Bangor Cork in a variety of small commercial sizes and colors. To find out more about Bangor Cork’s supply of Forbo Coral® Brush Activ and Duo mats, visit the company’s online store at or call 610-759-0320