Bangor Cork introduces hard-to-find one and two foot width colored and natural cork rolls to online store

Nazareth, Pa – Bangor Cork, a supplier of cork rolls and sheets has announced today the introduction of 12” and 24” width cuts of colored and natural cork rolls to the company’s online store. The addition of the unique, narrower stock sizes is made possible through in-house cutting services, and provide online customers with more popular, economical choices of cork rolls by cutting shipping costs and avoiding waste of excess material.

12" x 1/4" Colored Cork Roll, Cut to Length

“Customers are always looking for narrower cork rolls for projects to fit their budget, avoid wasting valuable cork, and having to handle and cut the cork to fit smaller applications,” said Pete Raines, President of Bangor Cork, “Unfortunately, for stocking and handling purposes, retailers usually don’t offer standard cork in rolls narrower than 3 feet in width.” Bangor Cork expanded their standard cork roll selection to meet the demand for and growing popularity of custom cut requests for widths less than three and four feet.

“We’ve always offered custom cutting for our cork rolls,” said Raines, “but with such a high demand for 12” and 24” width cuts, we felt it was important to take the extra time to offer our customers these sizes right off-the-shelf.” Thanks to Bangor Cork’s unique in-house cutting capabilities, the cork supplier is capable of providing customers with smaller off-the-shelf cork rolls than competitors.

Available for both colored and natural tan cork rolls, the new sizing options are an addition to Bangor Cork’s existing 36”, 48”, and 72” standard width cuts. Traditionally, customers could inquire and place custom width orders by phone or email, but were unable to order 12” and 24” cork rolls directly through Bangor Cork’s online store. Slimmer standardized cuts are available from the cork supplier at a significantly lower shipping and material costs than their larger cut selection and are available directly through Bangor Cork’s website.

In addition to cost saving benefits, new 12” and 24” cork rolls provide consumer projects with cleaner, seamless appearances. Narrower cork rolls are ideal for projects containing continuous, long runs of cork for small areas, such as backsplash installations, as installers can avoid hand cutting long lengths of material.

Bangor Cork colored and natural tan cork rolls are now available in 12”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60’ and 72’ cuts. The company is also expected to introduce 18”, 6”, and 4” cuts to their standardized line before March. To find out more about Bangor Cork’s selection of colored and natural tan cork rolls and sheets, visit the company’s website at