National Craft Month: Top 10 Cork Crafts

This March is National Craft Month – so what better way to celebrate than with Bangor Cork? Check out our top ten cork craft picks for DIY party favors, home decor and other fun pieces!


acrylic cork coaster craft1. Acrylic Paint Cork Coasters

Keep your surfaces dry with this DIY coaster craft. Using tape and acrylic paint, add some creative designs to cork tiles and size/shape accordingly.


wine cork stamp craft2. Wine Cork Stamps

Create your own stamps by carving out shapes at the tip of a wine cork with a craft knife. Dip them in ink and – voila! you have your own stamps. You can even make an entire collection.


cork board map craft3. Interactive Travel Map Cork Board

Big traveler? Turn any regular cork board into an interactive travel map and keep track of all your past and future destinations.


cork keychain craft4. Cork Key Chains

If you’re always losing your keys, this is a fun and fashionable way to make them more locatable. Attach a key chain ring via eyelet screw to any cork stopper – great for party favors as well!


cork board jewlery organizer craft5. Cork Board Jewelry Organizer

Organize and display your jewelry with this cork board jewelry organizer. Simply add some push pins to a rectangular cork board and hang your necklaces, earrings etc. without having to worry about a tangled jumble in your jewelry box.


cork critter craft6. Cork Critters

A fun little craft for the holidays or a rainy day. Bring cork stoppers to life by cutting them,  stacking them and adding other accessories.


wine cork candle holder craft7. Wine Cork Candle Holder

Create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table with this cork stopper candle holder.


cork board calendar craft8. Cork Calendar Board

Perfect for any dorm or children’s workspace. Use cork to help with organization and planning.


cork monogram craft9. Cork Monogram

A great DIY wall decoration for any living room or bedroom. Glue the corks to any letter base to create.


cork placecard holder craft10. Cork Place Card Holders

Perfect for parties and weddings. Cut a sliver off the edge of a cork stopper, so that it lies flat on its side. Then, cut a slit along the top to comfortably place name-cards in. (#9…although they’re all great!)