Classic Skee Ball Games Refurbished With Colored Cork

Bangor Cork’s Colored Cork Rolls Helped Bring Arcade Games Back to Life

Skee ball machine with colored corkMaybe it’s memories of fun summers at beach boardwalk arcades, or consuming pizza and racking up prize tickets at a birthday party years ago. Whatever comes to mind, Skee Ball is a classic amusement game that everyone remembers and enjoys.

M&P Amusement Company, one of the oldest arcade distributors and operators in the United States, gives people the opportunity to turn nostalgia into reality with their restored and refurbished skee ball games.

“Original skee ball games from back in the 80s and early 90s have become extremely popular in homes and bars,” said Gene Goodman from M&P Amusement Co. “Everyone wants the original classic.”

M&P travels all over the country to find antique skee ball machines. One of the most common problems of finding an old game is the wear, tear, and discoloration on the alley – a key element of the game. M&P needed a solution to not only replace the alley, but to also find the right color to maintain the authenticity of the final product.

After searching multiple places to find the answer, M&P found Bangor Cork’s colored cork roll that can be cut to length. M&P uses the red colored cork roll to replace the old alleys, ensuring minimum maintenance and enduring visual appeal.

Customer Comments:

“We were able to find the right color and high quality cork we were looking for from Bangor Cork,” said Goodman. “We are very pleased and happy with the products.”

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