12 Days of Corkmas: Wine Cork Wreath

On the 2nd day of Corkmas my true love gave to me, two cork wreaths, and a cork Christmas tree.

This year at Bangor Cork, we are ringing in the season in a corky way! On the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will be posting cork craft ideas for you to share with your family this holiday season. Make sure to check back each day for your new craft in the #12DaysofCorkmas


  • 12″ straw or foam wreath
  • Large glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wine Corks (about 150-200)
  • Twine or floral wire

Create Your DIY Wine Cork Wreath

  1. Tie your twine or floral wire around the wreath, leaving enough slack for three fingers to fit through.
  2. Place a line of glue on the side of the cork that you will be glueing to the wreath.
  3. Cover the front-facing side of the wreath with corks laying side by side.
  4. Once the first layer of corks is on, place glue on corks to be added to a second layer. The glueing will need to be more creative than the straight line used for the first layer.
  5. Stagger the second layer of corks at random angles all around the front of the wreath.
  6. Hang your wreath from the twine or floral wire you placed around the wreath.

Your DIY Wine Cork Wreath

You’ve now created your very own wine cork wreath for the holidays! Check back every day for the next two weeks to see the next cork crafts all a part of #12DaysofCorkmas.


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Images courtesy of Save On Crafts.