• Cork Wall Maps

    Standard Cork Wall Maps or Made to Order

  • Hex Wall Tiles

    Available in 15 totally tackable colors

  • Educational Cork Supplies

    Bulletin boards, whiteboards and chalkboards, and display rails available for bulk purchase

  • CNC Cutting

    Tackable Shapes, Patterns & Logos. Inlaid watermark, Relief, and Painted Relief


Our service extends far beyond our products. At Bangor Cork, we are dedicated to provide not only the highest of quality materials, but also the best customer service possible to fulfill any need, question, or request that you may have. Representatives at Bangor Cork are available Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time at our office, located at: 316 N BROADWAY WIND GAP, PA 18091 Phone: 610-759-0320 Fax: 610-759-0323