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Cork Craft Supplies & Materials

Bangor Cork is proud to provide high quality, economical cork craft supplies to customers looking to embark on a new project or craft. Our hobby cork stoppers, mounted cork sheets, cork tiles, and cork rolls offer an interesting texture and visual appeal—making them perfect for homemade crafts and designs.

With its impermeable surface, spongy texture, and antimicrobial properties, cork is used in a variety of crafts, from photo frames, to placemats, to coasters. Bangor Cork's cork rolls and sheets are available in 1/4" thick colored cork or natural tan pebble cork ranging in thickness from 1/32" to 1/2", making your crafting opportunities endless.

Check out our Project Ideas page for different ways you can implement cork in your next design.

Additional Information:

Cork Trees Evora Area by Paul Barker Hemings.