cork rolls and cork sheets for crafts


Crafters love using cork products in their projects due to its interesting texture, aesthetic look, and dynamic usability. From cork stoppers, to cork tiles and sheets, our products can be used in a range of craft and project ideas. Read More...

Bulletin boards for schools

Education & Office

Educational and office facilities often require bulk orders of bulletin board, whiteboard, and chalkboard products. Bangor Cork is proud to supply these, and other similar institutions with competitive pricing and shipping options for purchases of large quantities. Read More...

Cork Supplies for Furniture


Furniture manufacturers incorporate natural cork materials into furniture design to provide a unique aesthetic and practical organizational function. Keep furniture designs stylish with cork accents. Read More...

Cork Wall

Home & Design

Cork rolls, cork sheets, and cork tiles are a popular choice of material in home renovation and design. Use cork products for a safer, cleaner home or add this eco-friendly element to your design plans for a more sustainable approach to home décor. Read More...

Cork Supplies for OEMs


Cork products can be found in a wide variety of manufactured goods. Bangor Cork’s materials are of the highest quality, ensuring our OEM customers with the finest end product. As an OEM customer, enjoy a range of benefits including competitive pricing, custom manufacturing, and more. Read More...

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