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24" x 1/4" Colored Cork Roll, Cut to Length

$14.26 to $356.40
SKU: BC24C STD Lengths
24" wide and 1/4" thick colored cork roll cut to the length you need! Customize your cork roll by choosing a unique size and color that fits your individual needs. Ideal for use as bulletin boards, cork wall coverings, workstation and kitchen backsplashes and more. 

Call or email for sizes not listed.

24" wide and 1/4" thick colored cork roll cut to the length you need!

Available in many solid Forbo colors! Resilient, tackable surface material for tackboard, sign and wall applications. Bangor Cork offers cork rolls cut to your custom specifications. Ideal for use as bulletin boards, cork wall coverings, tackboards, and manufacturing components such as spacers, hobby, and other applications.

Available in new Forbo Bulletin Board® color collection: 2162, 2166, 2182, 2186, 2187, 2204, 2206, 2207, 2208, 2209, 2210, 2211, 2212, 2213, 2214.

Ideal for use as: Bulletin boards, cork wall coverings, cork backsplashes,workstations, display and trophy cases, tack strips and more!

Bancork EZ Clean Bulletin Board Cork is a premium bulletin board facing material and is recommended for use as a functional wall covering or as a decorative finish for furniture, doors, community boards, framed boards, wall, and other applications.

Bulletin Board is extremely durable, has a low level of light reflectance, and will not warp or crumble.

Tackable surface -Bulletin Board has a flexible surface so that pushpins can be easily pushed in and remain fixed.

Durable -A natural tackable surface with an unsurpassed durability that stands up to repeated institutional and commercial use, year after year.

Permanent bactericidal properties -Cork is easy to clean and has bactericidal properties.

Easy to maintain -As a washable Bulletin Board or tackable surface. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. If necessary, the surface may be wiped or washed using any common PH neutral cleaning method and a soft, lint free cloth. Simply rinse with water after cleaning.

A natural, healthy, environmentally sustainable product -Cork is made from natural ingredients: linseed oil, granulated cork, and pine rosin binders calendered on a jute backing. It emits no harmful emissions (V.O.C.’s) or carcinogens.

Wide variety of applications -Perfect for any environment where heavy use and tackable surface is needed. Ideal for classrooms, hospitals, busy offices, and furniture, as well as display cases, cabinets, walls and many other applications.

LEED™ credit compliance -Bulletin Board is made from 75% rapidly renewable ingredients and contains 53% post industrial recycled content. This and other product characteristics contribute to credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED™ rating systems.

Palette of attractive colors -Available in 15 colors to complement any interior or decor.

All orders are cut oversized to accommodate any shrinking - Pattern Cutting to exact dimensions is available to please contact us

All cork must be permanently mounted to avoid shrinking/warping

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2/4/2020 11:16 am

good service cut to width

by Dave J -

Fast shipping and the only place I found that sells this in the 24 " width I needed for between a desk and cabinets.