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T-103 Forbo Seam and Strip Cutter

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This Forbo seam and strip cutter is the recommended tool for trimming factory edges and cutting seams when applying cork directly to a wall surface. Recommended for use with Colored Bulletin Board Cork and Linoleum.
The Forbo Seam and Strip Cutter is an installation tool designed to remove factory edges from linoleum, cork linoleum, Bulletin Board, and homogeneous vinyl products. It comes with instructions for use filling strips/spacers at 5mm 10mm and 15mm one straight blade and one hooked blade. The tool is designed to score and trim factory edges of linoleum sheet products leaving the appropriate bevel (undercut) in one step easily and with accuracy. It can be adjusted to any gauge of material from 2 mm to 6 mm and using spacers will cut 30 20 15 10 mm strips.

    • May be configured to be used right or left handed.

      • Height adjustable.

        • Adjustable alignment.

          • Comfortable grip

            • Instructions included in the box or can be downloaded from this page.

              • Recommended for professional use.


              This tool uses cutting blades with holes for locating pins which are compatible with some Roberts cutting tools.  Replacement straight blades and hooked blades are sold separately.

              Although the tool may be used with the straight blades for natural cork it has more limited functionality because the natural tan composition cork is un-backed more flexible and less dense making it more difficult to cut one cork sheet edge using the bottom cork sheet edge as a guide.

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