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Bulletin Board

Cleaning & Daily Care

Forbo Bulletin Board® is designed to be easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. To clean your Bulletin Board® we advise dusting the pinning surface at regular intervals with a soft cloth or brush to keep dust or debris from accumulating. For persistent spots or grime: start by wiping the surface gently with a soft, lint-free cloth and warm water. If just water won’t do the job a pH neutral cleanser can be used (pH 7-8.5) with a soft cleaning cloth. The surface can be rinsed with clean water to remove any residual soap and clear the bulletin board for use. Abrasive cleaning pads and alkaline cleaners (i.e. bleach or ammonia) should never be used on Forbo Bulletin Board® as they can damage or discolor the pinning surface. Avoid using bent or damaged pins on the bulletin board as they can tear pieces out of the surface when inserted or withdrawn.

Making Repairs

If the face of the Forbo Bulletin Board® becomes damaged or gouged: try painting over the affected area with a latex based paint in a matching color. This can conceal damage or blemishes but new pinholes may be more obvious than they would have been on an unpainted area. Deep gouges in the bulletin board may require replacement of the affected piece entirely, so the best way to deal with damage is to avoid letting it occur in the first place. Most of the damage we see occurs during installation and is entirely avoidable with careful material handling. Make sure your installation space is clean and free of grit or debris. Never drag the bulletin board across the floor or step on it during installation. Do not fold or roll the material too tightly as this can cause the surface of the material to kink and crack. After installation is complete: use a soft brush or cloth when cleaning the bulletin board and avoid using staples or bent push pins for best results and longevity.

Why Does my Bulletin Board Have an Unfamiliar Smell?

If you notice an odor coming from your Bulletin Board® it’s just the linseed oil oxidizing. Bulletin Board® is manufactured using linseed oil, pine rosin, limestone, ground cork, and colorful pigment calendered onto a jute backing. Like all newly manufactured linoleum products the bulletin board can emit a linseed oil odor as the fatty acids in the material oxidize. This odor will dissipate over time and keeping the installation area well ventilated and running the HVAC in the room can help speed the process along. Some individuals find the linseed oil smell more bothersome than others but the material and its scent are non-toxic and have never been shown to cause harm to humans or pets. Please feel free to request a sample of the material or its technical datasheets – we are always glad to provide one or both before you purchase.

Which Side of the Bulletin Board is the Front? Can it be Installed Backwards?

The smoother, monochrome side is the “front” or “face” of the material and bulletin board was designed to be installed with this smooth side facing outward. The back of the material has a woven layer of burlap on it and this side is usually glued to a wall or substrate. The material can be installed with the burlap side (back) facing outward and it will still make an excellent bulletin board surface when used this way. Some customers like the look of the burlap and find it meshes well with their space or aesthetic. But please contact us directly by phone or email if you’d like to install Forbo Bulletin Board® with the burlap side facing out. Both the manufacturer and our own staff understand the burlap to be the “back” of the material and it is frequently written on or marked during manufacturing and storage. If you’ll be installing the material with the burlap out we will have to pay special attention to the order so that we can send you a piece that does not have any markings on it.

Can I Get a Sample?

We are always happy to send samples. Simply fill out the request a sample form and we’ll ship out your sample so you can see the vibrant colors and high-quality cork for yourself.