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Cork for Copperworx

Mississippi based company uses cork to back custom-Made placemats and coasters

Terri Dallriva, artist and founder of Copperworx, a copper decorative accessory company located in Raymond, Mississippi, began with a small gift and tabletop line in 2002. Now, Dallriva also specializes in acid washed architectural accents, such as copper backsplashes, vent-a-hoods, and countertops, amongst numerous other copper items.

All of Terri’s copper pieces are handcrafted and patinated with acid wash to give them a lustrous look. The patinated copper is food safe making them perfect for creating place mats and coasters.

Copperworx tabletop pieces are uniquely eloquent and create a dramatic and impressive setting. However, Terri found that copper was quite hard on wood surfaces. In order to make her copper pieces suitable for tabletops, Terri searched the internet for solutions.

In her search, Terri came across the variety of cork roll products available from Bangor Cork. In addition to filling orders commonly purchased for home design or education and office purposes, Bangor Cork is dedicated to delivering competitive pricing and service to original equipment manufacturers. OEMs use raw cork materials in their production creating a wide range of products such as furniture, home décor pieces, handles and grips, hardware items, and more. In the case of Copperworx, Terri used cork products as a backer for her tabletop products.

“I wanted to back the placemats and coasters with cork so dining tables wouldn't get scratched,” she said.

But why use cork?

Cork’s surface is antistatic, antimicrobial, and water-resistant, making it ideal for the production of many OEM products. Cork is heat resistant up 200 degrees celsius and contains a waxy, fire-resistant substance called suberin, making it a better alternative to other common coaster backers such as wood, slate, or cloth. Cork is a sustainable and recyclable material and is harvested from the outer bark of the cork oak tree, thus no tree is cut down to harvest the cork.

Copperworx now

Over the past 14 years, Copperworx has grown and now includes over 150 different copper design products. Terri’s gift and tabletop line is expanding and she continues to rely on Bangor Cork products while creating her handcrafted copper pieces. "Bangor Cork is very accommodating and gets my cork out to me extremely fast," said Terri. “I have never used another cork supplier since and plan on buying from Bangor Cork for many years to come!”

Contact us to tell us how you are using our cork products. We would love to hear from you!