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Cork Strings Of Garland

Who says your holiday decorations have to be put away once the the celebrations are over? These cork garlands make a perfect decoration any time of the year. Simple to make and fun for kids to help assemble, see how cork garland can dress up your home for the holidays and beyond.


  • Wine Corks or Hobby Corks
  • Beads (color of your choice)
  • Roll of wire
  • Drill bit (optional)

Create Your DIY Wine Cork Garland

  • Take your roll of wire and push it through your wine cork (if your string is not thick or stiff enough, you may need to drill holes into your cork so the wire can go through)
  • Thread the wire through a bead, or two (up to you how many you'd like)
  • Then, add another wine cork, and so on and so forth until you have your desired length

Your DIY Wine Cork Garland

You’ve now created your very own wine cork garland for the holidays and, lucky for you, this cork craft doesn't just have to be for the holidays! Repurpose it after the celebrations are over as a decor item in a kitchen or bar! For more decor ideas that can be used any time of the year, check out our Project Ideas page.

Pictures and craft courtesy of Fun Holiday Crafts