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Cork Christmas Tree

What better way to begin your Christmas celebrations than by making a portable Christmas tree? These mini decorations crafted from cork sheets and a few crafty supplies make a lovely addition to holiday decor. Kids home for the holidays will love helping to design these little trees and make a holiday forest of their own!


Create Your DIY Cork Tree

  • Print out your tree template.
  • Cut out your tree template with scissors.
  • Place cut-out template on one piece of cork sheet.
  • Use light pencil marks to trace your template onto the cork sheet.
  • Draw a tree star on a different part of the cork sheet.
  • Use scissors to cut out your tree into one whole piece and the tree star separately.
  • Use acrylic paint to paint your entire tree green (excluding the stem) and allow time to dry.
  • Draw curved lines between each branch tier, also placing a curved line between the bottom tier and the trunk of the tree.
  • Use scissors to cut along the curved lines, breaking your tree into six pieces.
  • Use acrylic paint to paint the bottom of each tree tier white with snow and allow time to dry. Apply generously for a 3D effect.
  • Put tacky glue on top of the white acrylic paint on your tree tiers and tree star.
  • Place a piece of paper underneath your tree and tree star and sprinkle glitter (color of your choice) on all areas covered in glue.
  • Pick up tree and tree star and shake onto paper to remove excess glitter. Use paper to dispose of remaining glitter.
  • Use a needle and colored thread to poke through the back side of the cork and sew the tree pieces together.
  • Use tacky glue to place your star at the top of the tree.

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