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9 Creative Bulletin Board Ideas for Warmer Weather

With spring on the way and summer practically around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of new projects to refresh your space for warmer seasons. With the functionality of a pinning and organization surface, cork bulletin boards offer endless customization options and are a great place to start updating your home or work space after the cold winter months.

If you're looking for an idea of where to begin, check out these 9 creative bulletin board ideas. Whether you are a teacher looking for some new inspiration for your classroom in the fall, a college student interested in livening up your next dorm room, or if you simply need some direction for better organization, you’re sure to find a project that will turn heads and brighten your space.


1. Hello Summer Bulletin Board

A white frame combined with an assortment of colorful paper flowers and animals make this bulletin board a great complement to the upcoming summer season.

2. DIY Cork Board Jewelry Holder

Turn a simple framed cork board into an elegant jewelry organizer with just a few steps. You’ll have an eye-catching piece and you’ll be able to see all your jewelry at once—especially useful when you're trying to match an outfit!

3. DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

Go for a rustic look and get organized with a DIY burlap bulletin board. This project is an easy way get the much-coveted shabby-chic style without the high price tag.

4. We Are Leaving Winter Behind Board

This cute bulletin board is an ideal project for teachers or parents to do with children. Easily modified for any different type of animal, feel free to get creative with pipe cleaners or other household items for tails and other artistic add-ons.

5. Entryway Organizer

For this creative decor idea, Martha Stewart uses a curtain rod and wood framing to turn a basic cork board into a chic organizer. This compact unit helps you store items that may be too heavy for the usual cork board tack, while remaining a stylish addition to any entryway or mudroom.

6. Chevron Bulletin Board

Using latex or acrylic paint and painters tape, you can apply a stylish chevron pattern directly on a cork board. This popular design project is super simple, allowing for the flexibility to use different colors while keeping the unique texture of the cork visible.

7. Calendar Board

Organize a busy life, multiple family members, or educate children about the days and months of the year with this calendar bulletin board DIY.

8. Ribbon Bulletin Board

A great craft for students, home offices, or over your desk at work. Ribbons, push pins, and patterned fabric is all you need to brighten up any space and display photos, ticket stubs, and other memorable items.

9. Nailhead Bulletin Board

Personalize a cork bulletin board with a fabric of your choice, industrial-style nailheads, and a wooden initial for a unique and creative pinning surface. This project makes a great gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself.

Do you have a unique or inventive use for your bulletin board? Tell us about it! We'd love to see how you've taken a simple bulletin board and made it your own like the ideas seen here.

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