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Organize your Home with a Framed Fabric DIY Bulletin Board

Cork boards can be an amazing organizational tool for your home, from displaying your kids' artwork to hanging your important documents for easy access. There are so many great uses for your cork board, why not let art be one of them? With these easy steps, turn your cork board from conventional to creative.


  • Cork board that best suits your needs
  • Fabric of your choice. How many yards you will need depends on the size of the cork board
  • Box of silver or gold tacks (depending on your fabric color choice)
  • Non-Rubber Based Spray Contact Adhesive for use with cork or Clear Wall Covering Adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

1. Iron

Iron or steam your fabric so that it looks smooth and clean before applying it to the cork board.

2. Trim

Place the fabric around the cork board and trim, leaving about two inches extra around all of the sides.

3. Apply Adhesive

Take the fabric off of the cork board and apply a thin layer of spray contact adhesive to the front of the cork board. If you have a fabric that does not bleed through, we recommend clear wall covering adhesive. Place the fabric on the front of the cork board, keeping the extra two inches around all of the sides and push in the corners of the frame to get rid of any unnecessary gaps.

4. Tack

Create a benchmark for how many tacks you want surrounding the border. Your style will depend on how close together or far apart the tacks fall. For this example, we chose a spacing of 2 inches between. Once you know how many tacks you want, push them into the fabric and cork board along the edges of the border.

5. Glue

Flip your cork board and hot glue the excess fabric to the back of the frame, wrapping the fabric over itself like a present.

The Final Product

With those few easy steps, you'll have a unique DIY bulletin board creation for your home!

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Original content by Our Family of Seven