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Get organized using cork

Are you looking for new ways to stay organized? Cork bulletin boards are a simple and stylish way to organize your home, dorm, or office. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get organized using cork.

1. Renew Your Office Functionality

Organize both your workload and your workspace with an office cork board. Post notes to keep up with your priorities, create a calendar to meet your due dates, and most importantly make a “To-Do” section so you never miss a meeting or an important task. For collaboration and project management, consider using cork rolls to create a functional DIY bulletin board wall.

2. Organize Your Mail

Mail drawers and stacks can easily become unorganized. Use cork stoppers or cork board to upgrade or create a simple message center to create a place to pin bills or high-priority pieces of mail.

3. Create a Space For Kids

Schedules can get hectic - especially in a busy household. Use a cork board to create a family-wide calendar, homework area, or workspace. Add color and texture to your space by using colored for fabric cork boards. Or, if you are crafty, follow these instructions for a chevon cork board makeover.

4. Clean Up Clutter

Do you have ticket stubs, postcards, pictures, or other items in a box or in piles? Clean up the clutter and display your memories by displaying these things on a cork board. Choose something unique like a colored fabric cork board to make this both stylish and useful.

5. Create Hidden Structure

An in-cabinet board can be useful in various ways. Place a cork sheet in a kitchen cabinet to keep to-do’s or grocery lists. This also works in a bathroom to hang jewelry, relieving some sink and counter clutter. Or, try this in an office for notes or reminders you want to keep available, but out of the way.

Helpful Hints

Before you start one of these projects, learn how to cut your cork properly cut your cork to prevent it from crumbling and falling apart. Visit our Installation & Maintenance page for more equipment information and a full video on how to install your own cork wall.

Images courtesy of DIY Home Sweet Home, Martha Stewart, and Glassdoor.