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10 DIY Wine Cork Crafts

There are many ways to repurpose your left over wine cork stoppers. Here are a few simple home DIY cork crafts that you've never even thought of creating!

1. Bath Mat

As mentioned in our previous story, cork is a water-resistant material. When sealed properly, it can be completely water-proof and is therefore a great base for a bath mat to step out of the shower onto! They also have a strong grip so there’s no need to worry about slipping.

2. Wine Cork Snake

Feeling really crafty? A wine cork snake is a fun project for adventurous kids. Simply collect your corks and run yarn or string through to create a snake! Decorate with a tongue, eyes and even paint!

3. Plant Labels

Keep your plants organized with these dainty wine cork labels. They blend right in with your greens- just throw them on a stick and dig ‘em in!

4. Decorative Cork Ball

Looking for a new center-piece? This decorative cork ball is an easy way to spice up your living space. Simply start with a styrofoam ball base and build from there!

5. Honey-comb Drink Coasters

These fun cork coasters are great for your kitchen table and are a fun craft for the whole family.

6. Cheese Knives

These cheese knives with cork handles are a cheap DIY alternative to an expensive in-store item.

7. Bird House

Make a home for your outdoor friends with recycled wine corks. This beautiful, intricate bird house requires little more than some left over wine corks and glue!

8. Wreath

Door decor! Start with a straw wreath, and attach corks all over using hot glue. Begin with a flat layer and then stagger the corks for an intricate effect.

9. Miniplanters Wall Magnets

Start your own garden - on your wall! Hollow out a wine cork and plant it with some dirt and a tiny succulent. Stick a magnet on the back and post it up for a fun decoration.

10. Place Cards

Add a DIY element to your party/celebration/wedding with wine-cork place cards. Simply flatten the bottom and cut a slit down the middle.

Check out our Project Ideas page for more designs and crafts using your recycled wine corks.