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6 cork wedding ideas for your winery theme


Wedding season is coming soon. If you, a family member, or friend are trying to navigate the throes of wedding planning, let us inspire you with a few unique cork decorations. These ideas are especially fun for wine enthusiasts or those looking for a more natural or eco-friendly approach to their special day.

1. Cork Monogram Letters

If you want to add personalization to your wedding day try adding a cork monogram letter of your new last initial or the first initials of you and your new spouse's names made out of wine corks. You can display your love of wine and your new (or old!) initials anywhere—from the dessert table to your sweethearts' table. Short on wine corks? Stock up all you need from our wide variety of hobby cork stoppers.

2. Bulletin Board for Table Assignments

What could be better than wedding decor that also serves an important purpose? Use a bulletin board to easily display your guests’ table assignments. After dinner, you can use the bulletin board as a guest book for friends and family to leave you messages, well wishes, and advice. If you’re looking to match your wedding theme or colors, contact us about a custom cork board designed to compliment your style. When your wedding is over, you can reuse the board to stay organized or pin wedding photos to remember your big day.

3. Cork Place Card Holders

If you’re looking for more delicate method of displaying seating assignments, you can create wine cork place card holders—rather than using a full bulletin board. The place card holders add a simple but elegant touch to your evening, and can also be reused by your guests after the wedding to hold a treasured photo from the special day.

4. Cork Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are often overlooked when it comes to incorporating your wedding theme. This rustic twist is chic, eco-friendly, and is the perfect accent if your wedding venue is at a vineyard. When harvested correctly, cork is a sustainable resource; the tree is never cut down and will eventually regenerate the bark.

5. Cork Coasters

Create wedding favors that your guests will appreciate and use again and again. Cork coasters can be customized with your wedding monogram or date stamp to always remember the special occasion.

6. Cork & Flower Table Arrangements

Adding cork stoppers to your table arrangements can add a unique touch and help tie your theme together. The stoppers add a fun texture to vases, helping bright florals stand out and hiding long stems or wires from battery operated lights.

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