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Cork Turntable Mats, Custom-Cut from 1/8″ Cork Sheets

Natural Tan Cork Sheets Provide Damping and Static Control Slip Mats for Turntables


Bangor Cork, a supplier of cork rolls and cork sheets now supplies cork for a unique, vintage use: the production of custom cut turntable slip mats! Widely used as an alternative to felt slip mats, cork slip mats provide damping benefits and static reduction, improving playback quality for turntable users.

Anthony Russo of the 7516 Cork Mat Company in Brooklyn, NY approached Bangor Cork looking for 1/8” cork sheets for his production of turntable mats for U-Turn Audio.

“Cork is a great slip mat material for people looking for a high quality sound from their record player,” said Russo. “The cork is perfect for isolating the vibration from the motor hum and controlling static.” Due to these qualities, the environmentally friendly cork mats produce a higher quality sound on vinyl in comparison to popular felt mats.

The turntable mats are produced from Bangor Cork’s 1/8” cork sheets, providing a perfectly flat, relaxed surface for turntable use. The cork sheets are custom cut with surgical grade scalpels to ensure a clean, precise cut and avoid any tearing of material commonly seen with razorblade incisions.

Once the mats have been delicately hand-cut into 300 mm circles, the cork is sanded with a high grit sander on the vinyl-facing side, providing a leather-like surface to ensure no damage is done to the record. The opposing side is left unsanded, allowing the mat to grip the metal turntable surface.

Due to its effective gripping ability, cork provides an ideal material to firmly grasp both the vinyl and platter surfaces, preventing slip. The material’s sound and vibration absorbency permit users to experience the best sound, as even the most minimal vibrations from a motor may distort the sound.

Customer Comments:

"Bangor Cork provided quick turnaround time, which is essential in fulfilling orders on a tight schedule. I received my order in two days, so I didn’t have to wait around for products. Their price was cost-effective; that means I make money, and so does my client – which makes everyone happy."

-Anthony Russo, 7516 Cork Mat Company, 7516Corkco@gmail.com