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CNC Router Increases Custom Cut Cork Product Capabilities

Bangor Cork's CNC Router allows for large format custom cutting capabilities up to 48 inches x 96 inches. The equipment provides the ability to create cork tiles in unique geometric shapes, custom inlaid panels, and more.

Bangor Cork's Custom Cut Cork Full Capabilities

Unmatched Cutting Precision

The CNC Router provides the repeatability and precision that other equipment cannot achieve. Available cork tile shapes include: hexagons, diamonds, triangles, squares and round.

Create Custom Projects Using Vector Files

The CNC Router is also capable of cutting custom shapes using a vector file or other file capable of being converted into a vector. Vector shapes are limited only by the size and tools available.

Watermarked Panels

By removing the outermost pigment layer of the Forbo Bulletin Board® colored cork, lettering and logos are distinct yet understated while the panel’s tackability remains unaffected.

Relief Carved Panels

This technique allows the outer layer of the panel to stand out from the background to add more detail to each piece. By utilizing two cork sheets of different color, more depth can be added to each panel.

Inlaid Panels

Featuring two or more colors, inlaid panels can incorporate different cork types, combine other materials such as wood or linoleum, and use materials with multiple thicknesses to create raised lettering and logos.

Note: We are unable to produce any logo, trademark or image which is protected unless permission is expressly granted by the owner of said logo, trademark or image.

To enjoy your custom project in the home or office we recommend direct mounting. This can be achieved by gluing, mounting with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive), or Velcro® tape. Pre-framed boards can also be provided in our solid wood or aluminum moldings if needed.

For more information about our CNC Router, please contact us. If you are interested in purchasing a custom product or solution, please request a quote.