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Homework Area Inspiration: Three Design Ideas Using Cork Boards

Do you need to motivate your kids to stay organized and on track during the school year? Avoid the eye-rolling by giving them a reason to get excited about school. Create a special “study zone” devoted to homework to help fuel excitement and creativity.

1. Think outside of the board

Corkboards don’t have to be plain and covered in papers. Add some crafty elements to transform a basic corkboard into a planning tool that children will be excited to use. You can add color or texture to your homework area by using colored cork or fabric bulletin boards. Or go one step further and give any bulletin board a DIY stencil makeover by following these step-by-step instructions.

2. Add creative organization solutions

Add both warmth and function to your space with a cork backsplash or cork walls. Cork is one of the most insulate of any natural material, due to the low conductivity of heat, vibrations, or sound. Not only will the versatile wall covering keep clutter off desks, cork brightens up study areas and adds a unique design element. Show off accomplishments, good grades, and artwork by hanging them all in one place. Cork wall or backsplash installation is an easy, DIY project.

3. Personalize the space

The homework area should be away from the TV or other high-traffic areas. Entice kids into the “study zone” by personalizing their special area. Designate a space for everyone by labeling chalkboards or whiteboards with names, tasks, or simply initials. Add shelving or display rails for additional storage or to section off areas.

These three easy ideas will help you create a clean, quite, and creative homework area. Bangor Cork offers a wide selection of cork rolls, cork sheets, bulletin boards, display rails, whiteboards, chalkboards, and easels to help you get started.

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